The Steve Dahl Show – June 6, 2012

In honor of Hump Day, we want to serenade you with the sweet songs of the DahlCast. Whether you are a Taylor Swift or John Mayer fan, you will be able to appreciate the subtle complexities of our musical interludes today.

For those who may not be teenage girls like Steve, we also discuss Joe Walsh’s new album and how personal and telling his songs are about getting and staying sober. Sound familiar?

We’ve discovered yet another musical talent in the studio today, as “‘Lil Mayer” is born out of a stunning vocal-only track we’ve unwrapped for you. We really love how this guy “sings”.

Tami Sagher, who is quickly becoming the darling of the DahlCast, is treated to sweet chords of adoration from Janet Dahl, via Steve, and also weighs in on a story of true love and potential marital bliss from the dangling wang of the United States.

A DahlCast Love Song everyone can enjoy, written just for you without any bad feelings, and nothing but laughs and love.