The Steve Dahl Show – June 7, 2012

We start our broadcast day with our favorite version of the National Anthem, the original drinking song it was based off of. Please rise. Okay. Now sit and enjoy a jam-packed show.

Speaking of full, come out and see Brendan get super-full on ribs tonight at Black Rock Pub (3614 N. Damen) when he tries to eat a lot of ribs. He will be eating “Garry-style”…fork and knife. Perhaps we can get Brendan a “rib towel”, just like Steve’s “steak towel” he brought home with him from Strawberry Creek yesterday.

The DahlCast is staring to form a super-group. We need some help naming it, but it includes Johnny Cash, Greg Brown, Gary Sinise, John Mayer and John Travolta. Hear the first in-studio session from the group that’s going to launch our label.

Pat Boyle is a busy guy, but never too busy to talk to the Stever. He gives us his take on Hawk’s big mess up the other night, the Bears OTAs and more. And he reminds Steve how much he really loves “Kaner”.

Frank Sennett calls in and fills us in on a beef he has with a certain bookseller. Really, Barbara? Maybe he should have just taken the beef the other night with Steve. He also announces the first Kup Classic softball game is next week.

Enjoy our meaty Thursday DahlCast…it’s delicious!