The Dino Stamatopoulos Show – June 7, 2012

Look, for god’s sake don’t listen to this podcast while you’re eating. Or if you do, pick a food that you’d like to cut out of your diet permanently, because one of the stories explored in detail is Dino’s participation at the Dominatrix party which–as it turns out–he only slightly touched on during his call to the Steve Dahl Show. Also, learn about how not to treat one of your heroes in “The Eric Idle Story”, among other unsettling tidbits.

This week at the Starburns castle, Sorry About Everything welcomes Dino’s good friends Dan Harmon (creator of Community) and Jeff Davis (Whose Line Is It, Anyway) to the podcast, and they’re curiosity of  Dino’s lifestyle is damn near adorable. And to his relief, it turns out, they agreed to be permanent fixtures on the show! Don’t worry, they’ll learn not to talk over each other so much next time.

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