The Steve Dahl Show – June 8, 2012

Today we begin the DahlCast discussing the copious amounts of ribs that Brendan “Subwoofer” Greeley ate last night. He will indeed have more ribs at some point and represented us well.

The DahlCast is responsible for more breaking news today, as we break that “I’ll Have Another” will NOT be racing in the Belmont. Apparently, there are some health issues with this stallion and he will indeed not have another victory to look forward to.

You have all been blessed with another “Sorry About Everything” podcast from Dino Stamatopoulos and he calls in to discuss the future of his show. By the way, the guys give his show two thumbs up and can’t wait to take another trip into this guy’s life next Thursday.

We have another addition to the already DahlCast heavy Ribfest Chicago lineup. Buzz Kilman will be playing on stage with Matt Dahl’s band, Pet Lions, at 5:15pm on Saturday. We really are taking over the festivals this weekend. Maybe we should find another to go after.

Another great DahlCast for you today. Don’t worry; we’ll have another ready for you on Monday, too. Have a great weekend!