The Steve Dahl Show – July 10, 2012

Today’s show reminds us that we are all primal creatures and whether you are hitting one out of the park or hitting on the 20th guy in a week, you are a primate just like everyone else.

Steve watched the Home Run Derby last night. It’s a primal urge to knock one out of the park but the Kansas City fans are feeling a little cheated. Billy Butler is a John Candy look-a-like and the Yankees incite as much riotous behavior as the Rolling Stones or Beatles.

Keith Van Horne calls in to discuss the truly primal behavior of Emily on the Bachelorette. It’s pretty sick that she can break these guys’ hearts and string them along till the end. We’re close to finding out if our favorite MILF will choose the manly racecar driver or the Mormon. Either way, she will spend her life either trying to bring out or contain primal urges in her man.

Our “Ask Janet” segment today teaches us that one should go crotch-first as you cross in front of someone in a theatre aisle, if you are a man having sex with a lesbian who is on the rebound you should just play through and enjoy the ride, and that many men in the house means many similar types of clothing.

Steve spread his primal “maleness” around this past weekend as he fixed the dishwasher, lugged 40 lbs. of ice and dodged many popping balloons. Who else but a real man could handle all of that?