The Steve Dahl Show – July 11, 2012

We always talk about funny shit on the DahlCast, but today we also talk about funny shit. Got it? We’ll explain…

Steve, in his younger, drinking days, had a habit of shitting on any good opportunity he was given. We talk about one of the more classic Steve moments involving a shower, lots of hot water, ingredients for a potent and mind altering brunch, and Harry Nilsson. And it this blown opportunity really ended up working out for all of us.

Brendan points out a wonderful story told by baseball’s George Brett which reminds us that you must always have a friend on standby with a jacket and an extra pair of pants if you’ve had some bad crab legs.

Steve ate some expired dried fruit today, and really hopes he doesn’t pull a George Brett. Tami Sagher, our guest, explains that dried fruit may just do the opposite if you’re not careful. Did you see the story about the guy that claims he was hiding in a port-a-potty just to find his wallet? We cover that for you, so no need to go searching yourself.

Today’s show is not completely full of “shit” (sorry, we’re really running with the puns here) but we do get some really, really funny stories from this very gross topic, among others. And for that we are very thankful.