The Steve Dahl Show – July 12, 2012

On today, the 33rd Anniversary of Disco Demolition, Steve takes us back to the night of and the day after that momentous night in July of 1979. We are all thankful that a young Steve Dahl caused the ruckus that he did on the field at Comiskey that night. Can you imagine life in Chicago if that night had never happened? Yeah, we can’t either.

It turns out America’s favorite past time was destined to intertwine itself into the Dahl family heritage. A young Henry Dahl has carried on the family presence with the White Sox by starring in a new commercial. While this Dahl didn’t cause the riots his Grandpa did, he sure has caused quite a stir…he’s damn cute.

Frank Sennett joins us to discuss Steve’s suggestions on his managerial style for Team Time Out Chicago and some of the changes we need to make before next week’s big game against Chirp Radio. We hope that the game goes smoothly and that a mini-riot doesn’t break out at “Koz” park during what is sure to be the matchup of the summer. And while Steve may not want to have sex on the beach like in the movie “From Here to Eternity” he is ready to get down and dirty in the silt of this park’s fields.

Whether you’re a fan of Baseball or not, there is no denying that Steve Dahl and his entire career are tied in with this great pastime. And we are all very thankful for that!