The Steve Dahl Show – July 13, 2012

We would like to preface today’s show with the disclaimer that while the DahlCast is NOT a “Morning Zoo” program, we certainly are a basement full of animals…an underground zoo, if you will.

We start our Friday by Riding the Pony and playing the audio that gets our juices flowing. If JoJo “Cooking” Kincaid is a Morning Zoo DJ then we don’t have any problems being penned up by him during what is still our favorite audio and video clip to date.

Buzz Kilman helps keep the animal theme, and we talk about one of his two favorite types of animals. Did you see the story of the chimps that got loose in Vegas? Apparently, if you’re a chimp, what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there. The LVPD’s twitter account was instrumental in alerting the public to these animals.

Did you know that chimps are apes? And that humans are also apes? Well, the human animal gives us a few more great laughs. A man in St. Louis is hugging women under false pretenses and is committing the perfect crime. Dino Stamatopoulos, an animal in his own right, also calls in to talk about his next project and his recent recorded conversation with a man in his car. He is also preparing to be part of the “herd” and attend ComiCon this weekend.

We’re letting our inner animal loose today and you just can’t cage us! Ride the Pony!