The Steve Dahl Show – July 16, 2012

Everyone’s favorite edible bird is an underlying theme around the DahlCast today. We begin with Steve telling tales of his late night, backstage experience at The Eric Andre Show. There were a lot of people, in a tight room, with no AC, but thank god there were two, past-their-prime rotisserie chickens backstage. Sounds like Dag had a nicer backstage setup at his gig, but Steve certainly got a much better “scene” to watch.

Tom Thayer joins the guys to talk Matt Forte’s game of Chicken with Bears’ management. You would think these camps could work things out, and hopefully before training camp begins.

Steve walks us through some of the wackier new stories from the weekend and we learn about a lady who has started her own “chickstarter” campaign in Akron, Ohio. She certainly isn’t too chicken to put herself out there and get herself the breasts she’s always wanted. And we are reminded that in the South, fried chicken isn’t the only thing that’s “toe”-lickin’-good.