The Steve Dahl Show – July 17, 2012

Breaking news: Radio sucks and the folks at FM News 101 learned that the hard way this morning. We break the news on the show today that this station has reformatted (again) and it appears that our boy Brendan got out just before the station took a big old dive.

Speaking of taking a dive, do the guys on the Bachelorette realize that their behavior makes us think that they are ruining things for the entire male gender? Keith VanHorne helps us break down what is sure to be the worst show on TV, but we just can’t stop watching. The boys get a visit from Mitch. He’s a new friend of ours that turns out to be a buddy of Steve’s from way back. He has a scuba shop in Grayslake and is the latest supporter of our network. If you’re looking to take a literal dive, visit Mitch at his shop! He’s going to help Steve get some graduate diving done in this summer, too. (

A TSA agent took a dive into a New York man’s pants and found something he just didn’t expect. It’s not often TSA has the world’s largest penis come through, so this garnered all kinds of attention and some really bad puns. It’s hot out across the country today, so cool off and take a dive in a pool of comedy with Steve, Brendan, Dag and a few friends. We’ll cool you off and keep you laughing all day long!