The Steve Dahl Show – July 19, 2012

The Thursday DahlCast jumped right off of the silver screen at the Tiki Theatre Xposium. Seriously. This could be a movie! Well, we at least talk about a whole lot of things relating to the moving picture. The new format at 101.1 here in Chicago seems to be a little short on newswriters. That’s the price they pay for cutting loose a talent like our own Brendan Greeley. And no, he didn’t have a Jerry Maguire moment, even though they didn’t show him the money. Steve is heading to Minneapolis to be the keynote speaker at the RAIN conference this weekend. The tales of his decision to drive instead of fly and the issues with reservations have the makings of a summer blockbuster, if you ask us. He made sure he had the space to write a good screenplay while he’s there. We’ll get the full review of the trip after the weekend. Frank Sennett joins us to discuss the breaking news of Fred Willard being caught doing his “best in show” in a movie theatre in L.A. Oh, and get this, his new project is called…The Yank. This inspires us to hear some history on the fine genre of porn, accompanied by a wonderful score. The Dark Knight Rises also forces us to out Rush Limbaugh for the liar he really is. Get some popcorn, a blue barrel full of soda and hunker down in the rain with today’s DahlCast film, available exclusively on the network and Betamax.