The Steve Dahl Show – July 2, 2012

We just keep getting younger around here at the DahlCast. Today’s show will help remind you, as you start your work week, to be a kid at heart and have fun, no matter your age or gender.

Steve spent his weekend with his good buddy, Joe Walsh. While he was at John Barleycorn in Schaumburg Steve was reminded that he is not a kid anymore and the idea of DJs blaring bad dance music doesn’t sound good, even if he had some “X” and a couple of pacifiers.

Tom Thayer called from ORD where he was getting ready to head to California for a little fun in the sun and surf of Manhattan beach. While he may not be a kid, Tom has some awesome summer vacations. Any kid would be jealous of his schedule.

You will not find Tom Thayer at next year’s BronyCon, the annual gathering of grown men who like My Little Pony. We explore this “convention” and its sparkly intrigue to the men who attend it. This really helps bring us back to some other creepy memories from childhood, like Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.

So, grab some ice cream from Dag’s (it’s really a shop in Indiana) and sit the kid in you down for a fun afternoon treat of laughter and some great reminders of why, although it was fun to be a real kid, it’s much better to be a “big kid” that can listen to the DahlCast.