The Steve Dahl Show – July 23, 2012

Welcome back for another great week of DahlCasts! We start off this summer week with Steve recapping his trip up to Minneapolis for the RAIN Summit. He drove all by himself and had a really nice time. It didn’t even bother him that much that he drove seven hours for twenty minutes of time on stage at the conference. The time spent in his heavenly bed back at the hotel was definitely worth every McDouble that it took to get him there.

Steve and Tom Thayer remind us that you can road trip in a car, but sometime the scenic bike paths of Illinois are a lot more fun. Especially if you’re Tom Thayer with a tandem bike, a super cute dog and a basket. The scenery can get really pretty very quickly with that kind of setup.

Brendan took a trip to Lodi, CA and we learn that Lodi is now a lot hipper than it was when Steve was still living up that way. According to Brendan there is now vineyards as far as the eye can see and plenty of wineries to get drunk at. What a perfect setting for a summer wedding, with a bunch of Southside dudes and one of the most notorious house party criminals in the southern suburbs.

Several of the Penn State football players may be road trippin’ in a hurry to find a new program to play at. They are packing up their mattresses and big TVs and hitting the road to find a team that can actually claim they had a win in the last 14 years.

Fire up your Porsche, Yugo or whatever you may drive and crank that “Boogie Woogie” (BOO-jie WOO-jie) music for this summer road trip with Steve, “Dog” and Brendan.