The Steve Dahl Show – July 24, 2012

Here at the DahlCast headquarters, we are fully prepared to do what we can to contribute jobs to this tough market. So here are some positions we are looking to fill:

1. Private Investigator to find Brendan Greeley’s long-lost mugshots
2. Professional Art-Fair Attender with Janet Dahl
3. Power-cord distributor or a responsible Guitar Center employee
4. Expert on listening to podcasts in cars (How-To-Guide needs to be written)
5. Entrepreneur
6. Luxury Brand Consultant
7. Professional Bachelor/Bachelorette Stalker
8. Fiancée for Arie Jr.
9. Security guard for Peter Frampton or other rock stars
10. Janet Dahl impersonator
11. Hawaii Travel Guide Writer
12. Coconut Water Taste-Tester

After listening to today’s show, if you meet any of these qualifications, please contact us. We really need to get someone on these jobs ASAP. Good luck!