The Steve Dahl Show – July 26, 2012

If you’re in the job market, earlier in the week we posted some great jobs that may be available here at the DahlCast studios. On today’s show we are going to show you how to improve the “Special Skill and Talent” portion of your resume and land the job of your dreams!

Good Examples of Skills and Talents, as recommended by Steve Dahl:

-Being a Natural Riser
-Inventor of the Flatbread
-Able to bake at high altitudes
-Book Report Writer
-Making your own Landjaeger
-Using alliteration to write a great headline
-Playing Possum
-Able to shoot a gun, without shooting self in head
-Knowledge of how to get out of a blender, when one is the size of a nickel
-Ability to ignore people around you
-Riding a bike (and not looking like a total douchebag)
-Can make Flan and Tapioca Pudding from Coconut Water
-Breaking and entering, using a toilet lid and guitar as your only weapons
-Playing Bluegrass
-Playing Beer Pong and explaining the game to others

Take advantage of the lessons on today’s show to help you refine the above skills. We promise that you will get the job that you have worked so hard to find…that of a podcast listener and a Steve Dahl Network subscriber! Not a subscriber, click HERE to join in the fun!