The Steve Dahl Show – July 3, 2012

Today we get a lot of information and some of it may be more than you need, but we’re throwing it your way anyway. It’s what we do, after all.

Janet joins in today to get us caught up to speed on the domestic bliss of the Dahl household. Steve can build complicated toy bikes for a one-year old, but can’t build the mountain of pillows for his own bed, we find. We also hear from a listener who asked Janet a complicated question involving a lesbian he’s in love with. In this case, more information would be super-helpful. And we need pictures, Kevin.

We get some information out to you on the death of Andy Griffith. Wondering what Jim Nabors is up to? We have the goods on him, too, don’t you worry.
Keith Van Horne calls in to discuss the home visits on the Bachelorette last night. Chris, from Chicago, didn’t do a very good job representing us here in Chicago, but the other guys gave Emily all of the information she needed to make a wise decision, and gave her plenty of tongue (as in kissing, people), too.

We learn more about Steve’s disgust for hotel rooms, and Janet helps us learn that Steve may not be so innocent in his actions in hotel rooms either. Think twice before you sit in that office chair, is all we can say. A guy with a serious addiction to enemas is our Floridiot today. CVS employees in Jacksonville had to learn way too much about this guy’s intestinal behavior. Watch out if you have colon trouble in the Sunshine state.

So don’t be a dipwagon. Listen to the DahlCast…we give you all of the information you need to get through your day, and sometimes just a bit more.