The Steve Dahl Show – July 30, 2012

Welcome to Monday at the DahlCast studios. Today we take you around the world and explore all kinds of hijinx and tomfoolery from across our large planet. Inspired by the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, Steve really got into the parade of nations and stories about the Olympics this weekend. While he may not be into some of the more unusual events (archery and ping pong?) he is certainly keeping a close eye on the stories coming out of London.

Tomfoolery can happen even here in Illinois. Tom Thayer joins us to discuss the Bears and their training camp so far. Bourbonnais seems to be full of talent this year, however, they are a little short on the TV sets. So DJ Moore found a way to keep his room fitted with the “Tom Thayer Training Channel” for the duration of camp.

Just like Bob Costas ripping on Mongolia, a certain Florida restaurant owner has gotten a lot of flack for, allegedly, selling rats in place of chicken at his restaurant. Thanks to the magnificent stylings of our own Dag Juhlin, we get to hear the owner’s take on the situation first hand.

Spoiler Alert: We feature a really creepy Floridiot on the show today. Puppets and pornography should never be in the same sentence and we may have just found the line that even Steve Dahl won’t cross. We cleanse our palates by travelling back across the pond where an elderly Swede has gotten into some serious trouble for getting too cozy with a sheep or two. Ewe, is all we have to say.

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