The Steve Dahl Show – July 31, 2012

If your muscles are tired and achy, the DahlCast has the medicine that we you are looking for. Don’t bother running out to the store for some Bengay to help you combat those firecracker burns on your buttocks, just schedule an appointment with Ben Gay and John Travolta. If you’re in London they can get you in even quicker and also order you up some delicious Bangers & Mash for lunch after your full-body rub down.

If you are experiencing some soreness from your penis replacement surgery, like our Floridiot today, we have just the cure for your post-surgery recovery process. We’ll get you back in “rub down” shape in no time!

Instead of dealing with the torturous new age music at the spa, put your earbuds in, hit play and lay back as you listen to Steve, Dag and Brendan talk to Travolta, Ben, Aussies and more on today’s DahlCast.