The Steve Dahl Show – July 5, 2012

For such a fun, simple holiday, things sure did get complicated everywhere on the 4th of July.  We start by discussing Steve’s complicated plan to secure better parking at the “club” for the fireworks display. He got his parking just the way he wanted, but still lost the fight to get the best space in the family.

We get into a complicated research project to find out just how much of a country boy Toby Keith is. Turns out he has a more complicated past than one would figure, though his songs, like most country songs, are anything but complicated. Steve, Dag and Brendan shoot plenty of holes in Toby’s Red Solo Cup of a career.

A general announcement: Fireworks are complicated items that should be handled carefully and by experts only. Though after you hear our three favorite fireworks stories from the holiday, you might believe that the experts are the worst ones to handle such dangerous explosives.

Allow the DahlCast to complicate your day with many points to ponder, idiots who need identifying, and 4th of July tales from years past. It will make your life seem simpler.