The Steve Dahl Show – July 9, 2012

Today is Monday. And it truly is a manic one around the DahlCast studios. We are showing “wild and apparently deranged excitement and energy” about many different topics today.

Steve is pretty positive that he needs a new set of shorts with many more pockets. He has so many items to keep track of, that cargo shorts really make more sense. He needs a pocket just for flashdrives, which is adamant about only giving to vetted fans. He is adamant that you must have some knowledge of technology to get a coveted flashdrive.

Tom Thayer calls in and shares his story of a trip back from LAX filled with not one, but two raving idiots and a crazy long security line. He also tells us about another manic fence owner he met in California. It’s true what Steve says, fences are big deal to people from out west.

Steve gets on a wild tangent regarding the temperature of ice and water in a cooler and it sends the show down a rabbit hole of physics research. Thankfully our resident scientist Ed Silha calls in to help us figure out the real story on ice, water and salt.

A Floridiot proves his passion and excitement for masturbation and does it all on a Florida highway. Manic must be a constant “state” in the “Sunshine State”.

Mondays are a little manic for everyone, but no one does manic quite like the Stever. Here’s hoping your Monday is more mellow than manic. We’re exhausted over here – pass us an ice cold Coke, would you?