The Steve Dahl Show – August 15, 2012

Whatever you’re doing, drop it like it’s hot and listen to today’s DahlCast. Dropping things is a theme of today’s show, as we listen to Steve talk about softball, Adele, Snoop Dogg (or Lion), Jewel and more.

Does Adele drop the “S” bomb in her song, Rolling in the Deep? Steve is convinced that she does and is proud of knowing that if this is what she says, that it’s not an FCC violation.

Did Team TimeOut drop another “W” on the other teams in the Alternative Media league? You know it! Team TimeOut handily obtained another victory, as they dropped their mad skills on the Tribune, just like Frank Sennett dropping his pants in front of the park before the game.

Why did Snoop drop the Dogg part of his name (like it was hot) and add Lion? Will his recently dropped single be a hit? Steve, Brendan and Dag (not Dogg) review the reggae stylings of Snoop. You will be blown away by the la-la-la-lyrical prowess of this “song”.

Steve was name-dropped on the CBS 2 Morning News this morning, and it was all because someone finally picked up on his determination that their weatherman is actually a Ladies’ Man. Maybe if he drops another late-night 5 Hour Energy tonight, he can once again tweet something that lots of people pick up on.

Enjoy today’s show and do us a favor, won’t you? If you’re not a subscriber, drop that radio like it’s hot and sign up for our network HERE.