The Steve Dahl Show – August 16, 2012

We know it’s only Thursday, but please prepare yourself to Ride the Seeing-Eye Pony with Steve, Brendan and Dag as they explore the potential pitfalls and dangers of using a Seeing-Eye Pony, in place of a dog. The boys take us through a shit-filled world of mini-stables in handicapped spots and flicking tails to signal traffic lights.

Perhaps Brendan could train his Seeing-Eye Pony to help him sniff out the hot-to-trot girls on the dance floor (with last names like “Melons”) at the next wedding he attends. Matt Dahl calls in to finish a story that was started on the Matt and Brendan Show that involves our boy Brendan doing his damndest to get the job done. He hit a few snags, to say the least.

Drew Peterson finally gives us the call we have been waiting for and it appears that his pony helped him escape the clutches of a wife that had put on a few pounds. Maybe if he had his pony in prison, he could find ways to use the pony to flirt with chicks and finally get some after these long years of waiting.

A Seeing-Eye Pony can do so many things, but can’t sign for The Stones as they play “The Spider and the Fly” for our boy Brendan and his seductive dance. Maybe that was the song that was playing the first time a young Brendan visited his local Hooters, as his pony was waiting patiently for him to finish his wings.