The Steve Dahl Show – August 17, 2012

Many men out there have that fine line set, which if crossed, can really bring out some rage in them. Steve, Dino, Buzz and the rest of the guys are no exception to this rule. Why are our men so hostile today? Well, here goes…

Steve had played some early morning golf with Pat Dahl and got into a heated exchange with the club pro. You would think that this guy would realize that Steve pays his salary and wouldn’t mess with him. And certainly repeating his warnings to Steve was not a wise idea. Steve has a standing rule that if you repeat what you have just told him, he will leave, but not before complaining to anyone that may be higher-up than you. Whether he’s golfing or eating sausage, and you run into Steve, best to keep this in mind.

Buzz Kilman joins us and tells us all about a very unfortunate “accident” that occurred while he was having a big meeting with a Hollywood friend. Getting hit in the face with a glass and having two teeth knocked out make for a very surly Buzz, indeed.

When Dino calls in, we get some reminders of Steve’s TV show, “It’s Too Early” and the lessons Steve taught a young, wide-eyed Dino Stamatopoulos. However, this wide-eyed kid is far-gone and the adult Dino doesn’t take kindly to uber-expensive evenings in hotel rooms, or to Steve suggesting that he doesn’t know when to wrap it up.

Whether you’re a Dahl in his basement in the Chicago suburbs or a Dahl in Montana who is in a lot of trouble for how she ran her beauty school, you may just feel a little outraged by today’s show. And laugh a whole lot, too!