The Steve Dahl Show – August 2, 2012

Today, for one day only, the 1st annual Steve Dahl Network yard sale took place in Lincolnwood, Illinois. There is all kinds of great stuff to be had with big deals on some of the best items.

Kevin Matthews bought a gross (pun intended) of tampons. Steve bought a shirt to wear for the ride home, since the truckers got a really great show on his journey to L. Woods. We also hear about a new Bic pen special, that some men may be lining up for…unfortunately.

When we were running the yard sale, we came across a book that taught us how to properly grip a female wrestler, come across a stuffed crocodile that a family from Indiana was ready to get rid of, due to the bad memories.

Here at The Steve Dahl Network (and yes, that’s our name) we serve everyone, actually no shirt, no shoes means great service from Steve, Kev, JVO and the rest of the guys.