The Steve Dahl Show – August 21, 2012

If you’re lying in bed later tonight with nothing to do and you don’t want to eat more sweets, please feel free to lie in bed, gaze longingly at the stars and listen to today’s DahlCast.

Everyone’s favorite married couple, Janet and Steve Dahl, really crank up the tough love during today’s “Ask Janet” segment. They have weathered the storms in the sea of their marriage pretty well, for two people who prefer to call each other “Blabby” and “Crabby”.

Speaking of the open water and night swimming, Steve and the boys break down the “can’t-do” spirit of the lady who for the 4th time, tried to swim from Cuba to Florida and still can’t understand how the jellyfish keep finding her to sting. She also may have missed a great opportunity to swing with today’s Floridiots as she made it back to shore.

Whether you’re sitting on the patio at Mama’s Fish House on Maui, vacationing in New Buffalo, Michigan or trying to survive another long work day, today’s show will give you a chance to lay back, float and enjoy the night sky…and maybe sneak a few cookies, too.