The Steve Dahl Show – August 24, 2012

It’s Friday and we usually saddle up and ride the pony, but today we are going hog wild for all kinds of TV and entertainment. Just like our subscribers go hog wild for the DahlCast and our network.

Tami Sagher, not one to hog the spotlight, joins us today and our listeners will go hog wild to hear our favorite gal back again. It’s been weeks so we have lots to catch up on like product placement, the Tony Scott suicide, her new schedule while shooting HIMYM and much more.

Gone are the days when summer TV was for the birds, but there are so many great shows on this summer, there are leftovers slops for the pigs. Buzz Kilman has just discovered “American Hoggers” and exploring the intrigue of this show leads us to try to understand how pigs are roaming free across the American south.

Next time you’re along in the bathroom in an upstate New York library, best not hog all of the toilet paper. You may just be missing your daily “PoopOn”, which will go rolling right past you, thanks to some enterprising brothers, who truly understand the concept of product placement.

Happy Friday! Ride the Pony, Go Hog Wild, Have a Hotdog and live life to the fullest this weekend!