The Steve Dahl Show – August 27, 2012

It’s the end of summer and today is a hot and steamy Monday full with all kinds of beefy deliciousness. Well tasty meat, and some “beefs” of different kinds. Steve spent a weekend up in Harbor Country and took his boat out, entertained some guests and tried to not start fights with neighbors or irresponsible grandparents at movie theatres. Sometimes the argument just isn’t worth the beef.

While Tom Thayer is in Cleveland this weekend, Steve highly recommends that he gets his hands on a Cleveland Bomber — Bomber, people, not steamer. They are sandwiches full of delicious, hot and spicy Italian Beef, wrapped in a tortilla. Brendan may want to test this out in his quesadilla maker.

We take a trip down to the humid and steamy climate of Florida, where we find a fresh crop of Floridiots. Then in Minnesota, a hot and steamy car window could be the sign that something suspicious is going on. Like sex with animals found while biking. Gives new meaning to the term, “On your left”. We hope this man was wearing a helmet, and a condom.

After today’s show you will be craving a nice hot and steamy beef sandwich. Or you may never want a beef sandwich ever again. Either way, we’re laughing away, loudly, down here in the basement on a hot, steamy and tasty Monday.