The Steve Dahl Show – August 3, 2012

We’ve had a fantastic stay this week at the Hotel L. Woods. We really felt at home in the Back Room, although Steve may want to have Danny and the team clean off those chairs and remove the traces of butt grease.

We rode our ponies in today and brought with us a hattrick of Floridiots. This batch of people are some seriously classic examples of the boozers and losers that have entertained us for months now.

Steve has given up the battle and just given in to the Olympic spoilers. Had he done that 4 years ago he may have picked up on the gal named Nastia. If you’re a hotel owner in London, Steve wants to warn you to check the acidity in the pool…especially if you’re in there after Lochte.

Buzz joined us today and brought along the file of his violinist discovery from Jamaica, playing Hotel California. Pretty amazing…thanks, Buzz! He’s got a real shot of making this kid big, and getting a 50/50 split out of it.

Thank you to the L. Woods staff and management for a great week! We’ll be back real soon…for ribs, curds and cream soda!