The Steve Dahl Show – August 31, 2012

Today’s show has more trouble getting the words out than Dan Dierdorf trying to do commentary for the Chicago Bears. But once we get on a roll, you won’t mind the technical hiccups.

We may have missed our gal Tami earlier this week, but she’s back and fresh out of putting her show in the “can” (where she apparently called us from). She has an amazing ability to bring the funny back into our technical nightmare.

Buzz Kilman calls in a bit later to discuss the miscues during Dirty Harry’s “speech” at the RNC last night. Was his “play” with an invisible Obama a misstep? Buzz and Steve think that judging from some uncomfortable laughter on the audio, that this is indeed the case.

Note to potheads worldwide: it is a mistake, misstep and just plain stupid to mail oneself pot. And when it’s in mass quantities and sent via USPS, you deserve the idiot of the year award, Missy from Cali who dared to cross the Lake County Dance Committee (or something like that).

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone. We’ll miss you but will be back with a fresh show after the long weekend.