The Steve Dahl Show – August 6, 2012

Steve is off on a fun adventure in Southern California, and even though this may serve as his summer vacation, the DahlCast moves forward, full steam ahead. Just another awesome benefit to podcasting…we can talk anywhere!

After 3 days of adventure in the Back Room at L. Woods, Steve jetted off to LAX for a trip and a visit with Roger Dahl. We hear all about Steve’s accommodations at the lovely Westin Pasadena and add another hotel room to your list of rooms to avoid (room 1231).

On this vacation so far Steve has found God (kinda), learned how to appreciate Salmon Fishing in Yemen, learned how to work the system for room upgrades, caught Roger working chicks, and entered a Pita Jungle.
The adventures will continue all week, as we bring you the DahlCast from Chicago and L.A. Happy trails!