The Steve Dahl Show – August 7, 2012

The time to take a trip to Paris should not be saved for just a 35th anniversary, and if you’re listening to today’s DahlCast you’ll feel as if you’re taking a cruise on the River Seine.

Brendan, while not the most genteel individual, has a good handle on French pronunciation. Marantz, Allesis and Brassiere…these are all words that sound beautiful being uttered from the lips of a man they call “Grease”.

Speaking of brassiere…Just like the Brazilian Women’s Beach Volleyball Players, Steve has a new move that will really place the word BRA on the lips of every man who may have a lady that has taken a picture with Steve Dahl recently. If he were just a blind blues player, Steve could really use the “I just felt around line” if he needs an excuse for that man or Janet.

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