The Steve Dahl Show – August 9, 2012

Steve is lonely out in California and luckily had a run-in with Hollywood’s best masseuse, John Travolta, who spends a lot of time with Steve as he records today’s show. In fact, it’s like a date night for Steve and John.

Steve answered the door to his room, because he was having a hard time with his “wand”, and thought it was the hotel tech support. John and his magic fingers were a welcome surprise, for Steve who is still on IR after a serious hamstring pull.

Inspired by a his dinner with Roger Dahl last night, Steve has adopted a new nickname for himself, well, it’s a pet name really for John to use, which is “Butterfish”. John makes Steve a rich and creamy dinner, then offers to fly him back to Chicago, while he shows his new movie “Savages”. Don’t worry…John washed the cutting board he used to make dinner, after the latest Floridiot was finished with it.

Ben Gay joins the boys at the end of their date, as they wind down and watch some Olympic rowing, sprinting and more. This threesome is full of sexual innuendos and lots of big, throbbing purple objects. The boys close the night out with hot, sweaty dancing at the newest and hottest gay club, Buckingham Phallus.

Enjoy your date with Steve, the guys and some very special guests!