The Steve Dahl Show – September 12, 2012

We realize we’re a cutting edge podcast here at the Dahl studios, but we are also willing to share the spotlight with our friends producing quality TV from coast to coast of this great country of ours.

If you’re Tami Sagher, writer/producer for “How I Met Your Mother”, you may spend a lot of time on set thankful that you don’t need some hack comedian to help get the crowd going by telling lame jokes, hosting dance contests and flinging t-shirts at people. A lady like Tami Sagher would also never stick a Steve Dahl behind a brick wall on the set of her successful TV show…we’re looking at you Kevin James.

Steve did get nice placement and a 45-second spot on Comcast Sportsnet during the Sox game last night. Thanks to a quick trip to the restroom, Steve got some sweet air-time and a chance to remind people that he is still broadcasting and better than ever.

A Floridiot alone is great, but a Floridiot with audio is even better. A clip of a news broadcast from Florida provides us with some knee-slapping humor, which we wash down with a side of poo-stained underwear. What is the world coming to? What’s next…kids using the potty in the middle of a restaurant? Sounds like something straight from a TV show…but this one’s true.

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