The Steve Dahl Show – September 14, 2012

If you’re a fan living in Chicago, you may be feeling a little duped today. Between the Bears disgusting loss up in Green Bay, to the rampant bike thefts in Old Town, if you are a resident of the City with Big Shoulders, you may feel like you’ve had the  wool pulled over your eyes.

We start our Friday off with a quick glance at the movie that is causing the Middle East to explode. These poor actors were duped into playing characters in a bad “B” movie with some of the worst effects we’ve ever seen. Seriously, Libya? You think this is real cinema?

Since not one person in the studio can explain the ridiculous loss by the Bears last night, we invite Laurence Holmes to help us pull the blinders off of a terrible offensive performance. Even Jay Cutler felt like he was being had during that game; both by the officials, and his own team.

Illinois taxpayers are constantly being fooled into believing in ludicrous government grants. The folks out at O’Hare have truly gotten our goat this time. Unless you’re a goat herder…then you’re probably feeling awesome right about now.

Don’t be had by the homeless people at the off ramp holding signs. Wait for a woman from Pennsylvania and at least get something for that heard-earned change you’re getting ready to chuck out of the car window.

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