The Steve Dahl Show – September 17, 2012

While we are lucky enough to spend each and every day with Steve Dahl, not many can claim to be in the “inner circle” when it comes to the Dahl family and household. Even Dag and Brendan can’t always say they are on the “inside”.

Someone that is in the know, and always will be, is Tom Thayer. He helps Steve once again rehash the pathetic outing the Bears had last week in Green Bay. The Bears inner circle could use a little mending, and maybe a little group therapy.

Speaking of therapy, Steve is heading out to Pasadena again this week to visit Roger Dahl and word on the street is that Roger and Steve are going to therapy together. Oh, to be on the inner circle of that session. Maybe Steve can get to the bottom of this very secret circle that the Dahl family has created without him.

The Dahl family creates tight, round circles, but lots of things are round, like the object of celebration today, National Cheeseburger Day. And if you’re having a beefy, delicious burger, or any form of grilled meat with Steve, you better enjoy every bite, or you may be asked to leave the inner circle of Dahl.