The Steve Dahl Show – September 18, 2012

Today’s show proves that a picture is worth a thousand words. And there are a lot of pictures that get our words flowing today. We start by the photos that sit up high on the hierarchical scale. When you’re a photo of a topless princess, you automatically stir up a lot of press.

Today, not yesterday, is National Cheeseburger Day, so get a photo of your favorite cheeseburger, drool over it properly and then lower your expectations for what the burger will really look like when placed in front of you.

Our weekly etiquette lesson from Janet teaches us that a photo collage with a stock message does not substitute for a hand-written thank you note. And, if a steak looks picture-perfect, it can still be something less than desirable. Or something less than beef.

Whether you’re a doctor in Florida caught on camera fondling your patients or a bigamist who forgot to tell the new wife to not post your wedding photos on Facebook, you will need to listen carefully to today’s DahlCast…so that you can destroy the photo evidence later.