The Steve Dahl Show – September 20, 2012

We want to keep our shows fresh for our faithful subscribers, so we are trying out a couple of new things today. We introduce a new segment that will help get our show, and your newsday started, called…well, we haven’t named it yet, but it features Brendan and his best broadcaster voice.

We talk to Dino in the middle of trying something new to him, sleep. He takes a few minutes to get moving mentally, but then we really get some good info out of him about his appearance at a school here in Chicago that starts with a “C” and shall otherwise remain nameless.

If you’re strolling down a California street and a see a sign for a new restaurant featuring a Chef named Viens, we suggest you keep moving and save the experimenting for another “Thyme”.

All kinds of new items pique our curiosity today from the “new” and “improved” Siri, to the new approach The Daily Show is taking to adhering to the stupid FCC rules. Thankfully our network doesn’t have to worry about things like the FCC. Want to experience some new, fresh entertainment? Then go HERE and subscribe now!