The Steve Dahl Show – September 21, 2012

Whether you’re packing up for a fall weekend drive or just hanging around the house in your underpants this weekend, feel free to travel just like a Dahl. Our Friday show can be your guide to ensuring that every part of your trip works out in your favor. That is the Steve Dahl-way, after all.

When you first board that Soul Plane to your final destination, make sure you greet the flight attendants, pick out a seat next to someone cute and pay attention to the suave French captain and his standup routine.

You don’t have to travel to see the Bears this weekend, and we also bring some inside Bears information to you courtesy of Jeff Joniak. Jeff is also your coach as you train for “Room Service Bingo”, a game that is sure to please everyone in your travelling posse.

Travel with the DahlCast today to Halas Hall for another installment of “Emery Bored”. We’ll learn why Cutler may need to travel separately from the rest of the team, unless he can get his act together.

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