The Steve Dahl Show – September 24, 2012

Steve is back from L.A. and is ready to start off another week of uncensored podcasting from his basement. He’s had enough of Hollywood, air travel and burritos. But can never get enough of letting his life play out in front of all of our hard-working subscribers.

Tom Thayer joins us to recount the game our Bears played yesterday against the Rams, who used to be out of L.A. Actually Tom may want to join Steve out in “La-La” land for some sand, surf and sun.

The best Hollywood writers couldn’t have scripted the tales of Steve, his dad and Dino Stamatopoulos eating burritos. Even HIMYM writer, Tami Sagher, would need some help penning tales of a poor therapist and two very vocal Dahl men.

A not-yet-ready for Hollywood Indiana filmmaker makes our “Indiana Loosier” hall-of-fame, and a story that could have been torn from the pages of a Hollywood thriller entertains us, with the help of Brendan’s Polish accent.

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