The Steve Dahl Show – September 25, 2012

Chicago is proud of its many sons and daughters spreading their good work all over the world. From quarterbacks to hockey players, filmmakers to actors we like to make sure that the world knows that our people are from the Windy City. Join Chicago’s very own, Steve Dahl, for a show full of Midwestern pride and local love.

The News of the day takes us to a story about Chris Chelios burning a Jay Cutler jersey in a Chicago bar over the weekend. TMZ, not a Chicago news outlet, got the scoop and a video, which will really just make you feel better that Chelios is not from here. Real Chicago fans know that Cutler will be just fine. And that Stanley’s is a good place for hot chicks.

Shawn Ryan, Rockford native, joins us to talk about his latest show for ABC, “Last Resort”. This show, Steve’s new favorite for the fall season, is packed-full of Chicago-area natives. Here in the Windy City can make any show about us, even one set on a submarine and then on a tropical island.

Michael Sneed’s latest “I Spy” draws Steve’s attention, as someone thought that Garry Meier being told what to eat at Brunch is “news”. Real Chicago people know that this must be a slow day for Sneed if Garry makes the column. Maybe she should cover what the hell Prince was doing while he denied Chicago their encore. Don’t piss off us locals, Prince…we never forget a slight.

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