The Steve Dahl Show – September 26, 2012

For many years Steve Dahl has been blazing trails and going places that no one else would even dare go anywhere near. Today’s show takes our subscribers on an adventure of epic proportions.

By now, you may have heard about the “butt-chugging” in Tennessee or the sassy New Zealand man that got frisky with an eel, but we guarantee you haven’t heard anyone talk about these stories in the “in-depth” way that Steve, Dag and Brendan get to explore for you.

Enjoy today’s show while you’re recovering in the hospital from rectal injuries, riding your recumbent bike or attending your Green Bay Packer shareholder meeting to hate on the NFL replacement refs. The beauty of the Steve Dahl Network is that we can go all kinds of places no one has ever been before. Subscribe now and don’t worry, we’ll be gentle.