The Steve Dahl Show – September 27, 2012

Every time Roe Conn stops by the DahlCast we get a ton of inside scoops. From the real low-down on a Cook County Prosecutor who is not a great day-drinker, to a story about Garry Meier saying some wildly inappropriate things during a charity event, Roe always feels at home enough with Steve to open up, speak his mind and let our subscribers in on tales a regular radio listener would NEVER hear.

Tami Sagher, Co-Executive Producer for the hit CBS sitcom “How I Met Your Mother, calls in from Las Vegas. As a good friend of the show, Tami is always comfortable enough to give us the scoop on what being a producer in Hollywood is really like. And sometimes, what happens in Vegas gets out during an uncensored podcast.

The world of podcasts is exciting and when Steve Dahl is at the helm, everyone who gets involved feels comfortable enough to spill their guts. You get stories, scoops and information you wouldn’t get anywhere else. And you’ll laugh your ass off, too. Subscribe now!