The Steve Dahl Show – September 28, 2012

From a young age we are taught that is it is better to give than receive. Stop by the basement today and check in on Steve and the DahlCast staff and learn that both giving and receiving have their benefits and downsides.

Dag and Brendan received a gift last night in the form of a Greek man from L.A and met Dino Stamatopoulos, who is in town to give a lecture to a group of Columbia students. Dino and the guys spent part of their late night out on the overnight show on WGN radio. And though the memories are a little blurry, it’s agreed that Dino gave it pretty good to the host, and the DahlCast received the plugs it deserves — so it was a win-win for everyone here.

Buzz Kilman brings along the gift of a small body-builder and his sad story to the show. He also gives us his best effort, yet again, as Virginia McCaskey in our old-timey play about the Chicago Bears’ owner and her staff, “Emery Bored”.

If you just received a package from Federal Express that is also buzzing in your ear, you may have received a replica of Bill Kurtis’ “southern-style” beehive. Did you know that bees make honey? Thanks to the Sun-Times and everyone’s favorite newsman, we all have received a proper education on bees and received a delightfully anecdotal life lesson, all in one crappy article.

Give yourself a break for not understanding your state’s sex laws, and let your ears receive the deliciously hilarious sounds of our Friday show. If you are not a subscriber to the network yet, give yourself the gift of the best-uncensored entertainment around and sign up now!