The Steve Dahl Show – September 4, 2012

Always the entrepreneur, Steve spent a good bit of time this fine Tuesday coming up with good ideas, which, as subscribers to the Network, are all being shared with you today! Here’s what Steve came up with:

Big Idea #1 – A creamer named after Eric Clapton. Get it…”cream”er?
Big Idea #2 – Egg white McMuffins, appropriately named the ‘McNothing”
Big Idea #3 – A new retirement plan for Tom Thayer – the Broth IRA
Big Idea #4 – Marketing campaign for Brown’s Chicken “It’s safe to come in again!
Big Idea #5 – Use beef broth in place of water, in Tom Thayer’s infamous beef recipe
Big Idea #6 – Thayer and Dahl present a workout for the Old, Big Man
Big Idea #7 – An empty nester can go nude to feel free (or more free)
Big Idea #8 – Dag and Brendan living in the Dahl basement
Big Idea #9 – Using Janet as a party planner, and theme designator
Big Idea #10 – Taking cough syrup to enhance a biscuit-eating experience – “Triple B”

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