The Steve Dahl Show – September 5, 2012

Since we’re in the middle of election season, we feel it important to remind you that a Steve Dahl does NOT take sides in a political debate. As far as he, and the rest of the DahlCast, is concerned everyone is fair game and no matter which side of the aisle you fall on, you have to admit that everyone in this circus deserves to be made fun of, at some point.

Whether you are a jock or an “artsy” type, you will love today’s Hump Day DahlCast featuring the lovely Tami Sagher and the unflappable Pat Boyle. Even our guests can see things from both sides, as Tami, a comedy write, discusses running a marathon and Pat Boyle, a jock and real sports geek, really keeps us laughing with the jokes.

Whether your household is divided on cake and ice cream flavors, Bears or Blackhawks, Chet Coppock or Dan McNeil, everyone in your family will agree that today’s show is about as bipartisan as they come. Everyone is fair game at the DahlCast. Join in the fun and subscribe today!