The Steve Dahl Show – September 7, 2012

Janet isn’t happy with Steve’s request for two glazed coffee cakes this morning. Admittedly, he’s gone off the rails somewhat with his eating. But he’s going to get it together, right after these two coffee cakes are gone. Dag must learn to be a sneakier baked goods supplier. He could try hiding them in his guitar case.

Bears play-by-play man Jeff Joniak is enjoying his cake and eating it, too. He’s pumped for football season while also appearing in a new national ad for Old Navy. It stars Jeff, Tom Waddle, George Wendt and Mike Ditka recreating the Saturday Night Live “Da Bears” sketch.

Buzz (who enjoys a good chocolate-frosted cake and who also used to give one-minute news updates under the pseudonym “Frosty” Kilman) enjoys playing devil’s(food) advocate. He wonders how the Drew Peterson verdict affects future murderers that try to silence whistle-blowers. Buzz also tells us how he was stood up on Johnny B’s show this week.

Ride the pony into your weekend!