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Broadcasting Legend and Podcasting Pioneer, Steve Dahl, has been entertaining listeners for over 40 years. His daily show has always featured his signature “everyman” sense of humor and his passion for music, sports and entertainment. Although he was born in Southern California, Steve is as Chicago as they come and embraces its city and people as his own.

Called the “Founder of Modern FM Talk Radio”, Steve’s career has influenced countless other comedians and broadcasters. Steve has always been able to see ahead of his own time and be the first to try new ideas and technology. For this reason, in 2009, Steve chose to begin working with a new medium, podcasts. Podcasting allows his listeners access to his show and daily antics whenever and wherever they would like to listen.

In August 2011, Steve began offering his show as a subscription-based podcast. Steve and his show, the DahlCast, have never sounded better. Not bound by corporate radio structure, Steve is able to operate an uncensored, uninterrupted daily show that gives his listeners pure, unadulterated Dahl-style entertainment.

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