Brendan's in Cleveland for the first game of the World Series and he's taking in all downtown has to offer. Listen to the 10/25 DahlCast

Steve's Crying Game

If one film will bring a tear to Steve's eye, it's Field of Dreams, which somehow, Dag's never seen!

Redamak's Regrets

On the 10/17 DahlCast, Steve & Dag discuss some regrets about some youthful indiscretions at Redamak's back in the day

Old school

The Dahl house is still rockin' the NuTone Intercom system which still comes in handy. Eavesdrop on the 10/12 DahlCast to hear all about it!

Grandparent's Day

Steve loved visiting Matt Dahl's kids at school and it looks like Emery and Jackson loved it too!

Hamilton Chicago

Steve & Janet loved Hamilton and Janet was glad she'd prepped so well. Hear all about it on the 10/5 DahlCast.

Disco Demolition Book

Click here to order a copy of Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died


Joe Buck Yourself


It's Only Game 3!


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