Take Your Kids To Work Day

Steve got in on "Bring Your Kids To Work Day" when Mike came in with Mary. One kid plus a grandchild! That's a twofer!

RIP to a Legend

The guys remember Prince & his Super Bowl XLI performance

Ladies Day at DahlCast HQ

Elise, a journalist from Germany, plus several other lovely ladies joined the guys on today's DahlCast!

Steve hits the green

Steve may be annoyed with the Masters, but took advantage of a short work day and hit the golf course

Steve's First 'L' Ride

On the way to Comiskey Park for the White Sox opener. Catch the guys on WLS AM 4/8/16 2-2:30! Or like always, catch the guys conveniently on the latest DahlCast

My Woody's Outside All Covered With Snow

Chicago's a lonely town. When you're the only surfer boy around (apologies Tradewinds)

Live Stream via Facebook

Follow the guys at http://tinyurl.com/DahlFacebook. Have fun changing it up while you watch the podcast happen instead of just listening ;)

A Very Special SoFlo Meeting

On my daily walk I stumbled upon a CA meeting. It was a nice tune-up. Click to listen.

FitBit Con Rice

I could've guessed taking a dip in the pool would result in a busted FitBit. Click to listen.

Mary, Emmett, Henry & Violet

Steve's adorable grand-kids this past Easter Sunday: Mary, Emmett, Henry & Violet (left to right)

Ice Maker Action

If you've been listening at all, you know the pain and triumph this has led me to feel. Click to listen to the final resolution.


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Game 4 Real Time


Heavens New Voice


Kevhead History 101


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