It's Fat Tuesday!

You know what that means.... Dag sports a Mardi Gras masquerade mask in the WLS studio today

Dahls At Disney World

Pat Dahl and his family spent Groundhog Day with a couple of rodents

Reunited And It Feels So Good

Dag's dogs got lost for a few hours on Thursday, but were ultimately found and made it back home to the family

Super Spread

Nothing like football game eating to put on the pounds. We're SB partying at Mike Dahl's this year

Bright Lights Big City

Now that Q101 and WLUP are at 190 N. State, they put lightbulbs in the hallway

Driving Downtown

Sometimes it's nice to have the freedom that the open road brings

No Wonder They Did So Well

The Cubs give nutritional advice to players and Fantasy Campers (David from The Little Guys)


Weekly Recap Feb 8-14

Bob & Ron 1400x1400

Bob & Ron - February 12, 2016

gofundwayne (2)

Football Withdrawal

Groundhog Day

Weekly Recap: February 1-7


Jim Short - February 3 Super Bowl Picks


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