Podfather Week

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Packing for Burning Man

WLS newswoman Jennifer Keiper stopped by to talk about her upcoming trip to Burning Man. Hear what she's bringing along on the 8/23 DahlCast

No Cart Shame Here

Steve jumped through many a hoop to get the right pro cart at the new studio, including meeting Brendan in a basement garage - Listen to the 8/22 DahlCast

Pro Kitchen

Steve & Janet bought this sweet new fridge and every time Steve walks into his kitchen he feels like he's at Gordon Ramsay's. Hear it on the 8/19 DahlCast

New Digs

The guys recorded their first podcast at NBC, though not quite in their own studio. Give it a listen and hear the freshness for yourself

Flashy Cat

A story out of Mexico leads the guys to wonder about owning luxury cats. Find out more on the 8/16 DahlCast!

NBC Tower at last!

Finally, the first broadcast from the new studio! Can you hear the cleanliness and excitement?! Gear from the 21st century too!

Disco Demolition Book

Click here to pre-order a copy of Disco Demolition: The Night Disco Died


Wayne's Pains


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