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A Bee Gees Movie?

Steve encountered a man in a state of undress at a local restaurant. Dag’s home makes the list of charming little towns in Illinois. Take that, Raggedy Ann. Brendan is searching for gold at the Slimeball storage facility after doing a favor for the CFO.

About This Episode

How many baseball cards do you have left? Steve’s pretty confident he lost untold hundreds of thousands of dollars when his parents got rid of his childhood collection. Brendan’s about to go on a treasure hunt in the Slimeball Industries storage locker, so who knows, there could be a baseball card discovery. Steve has a very unsettling encounter in a bathroom with a guy that has a very flimsy story. Also, with summer travel approaching, we learn all about the most charming towns in Illinois, including the high-ranking spot where Dag lives. Oh, and great news for Steve: there’s another high-profile Bee Gees documentary on the way, and presumably the search for an actor to portray a diabolical version of Steve.

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