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Battery Man and his 9 volt came to the rescue for Justine Dahl and the kids. He got the garage door keypad operating again; then reverted to his not-so-secret identity: wild-mannered podcaster Steve Dahl. Janet considers decorating the garage for Xmas.

About This Episode

Battery running low? Need a single screw from the hardware store? Look no further than our resident hero, Steve. Armed with a bag full of assorted batteries and the right tools for any job, he’s the second responder that’s first in the hearts of his family. Get ready for a lot of snack talk on today’s DahlCast. Steve and Janet are halfheartedly hiding food from each other, Brendan has made an extremely high-quality meatloaf, and Dag is searching for ways to repurpose his sloppy joe mix from last night. Save room for pie!

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